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Professional Software for Autodesk Inventor! versions online, ASi-Profile for Autodesk Inventor 2015-2021, real notch redesigned, drawing cration changed

ASi-Profile (ASi) is an add-on application for Autodesk Inventor. Using ASi with Inventor simplifies modeling and designing of profiles and typical structures such as steel structures, mounting structures or maintenance platforms. ASi is based on Inventor's parametric modeling technology.

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ITB Paul Schneider, as former development department of Schäfer Computer GmbH, has been developing and marketing ASi-Profile since 2001. ASi-Profile was first introduced as an add-on to Autodesk Inventor 5. Since then ITB-PS has continuously released new versions and keeps on improving the software for its clients. ASi-Profile is marketed globally through the ASi-Profile partner network.

What customers say about ASi-Profile

I only construct using ASi-Profile! This application is extremely flexibel, can be adapted to custom needs very fast and is being advanced constantly. Further on, I am very satisfied with the product support. I used ASi-Profile to design structural steelworks up to 380 metric tons!
ASi-Profile – Way to go!!

Quote: Windegger Daniel
ASi-Profile is "a doozie" - it enables me to create constructional steelworking scaffolds for plant construction simply and quickly.

Dirk Werkhausen: ASI-Profile is a planning tool that can be used to create economical steel structures quickly and efficiently. High planning reliability results from the always good visualization . The produced manufacturing documents are compliant with the rules of technique.