Asi-Profile ITB Paul Schneider


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Info: 15.05.2018: ASi-Profile 19.0.0 for Inventor 2019, 01.03.2018: ASi-Profile 18.1.2 for Inventor 2018, 07.02.2018: ASi-Profile 17.2.0 for Inventor 2017, ASi-Profile 16.2.1 for Inventor 2016, ASi-Profile 15.3.0 for Inventor 2015, ASi-Profile Version 14.4.1 for Autodesk Inventor 2014, all with same functioning, new functioning automatic drawing files, DXF Export, fixed errors (look at Readme files)

all versions have same functioning, now definition of own library path "ASI-Library" isn't needed any longer, definition of Content Center path is used .